How to map my house?

To take full advantage of Keecker, we recommend mapping your home.

To start mapping, go to the "Move" section of the application and create a new map. In the various rooms, you can save spots to facilitate the movement and setting of your Keecker (example: at this spot in your living room, Keecker plays music).

Some tips for accurate mapping:

  • check that the sensors are clean
  • the floor must be clear (no cables, clothes, papers ...) and the doors opened
  • the light must be sufficient but not dazzling for the Keecker sensors
  • the charging station must be located in a flat, open area (radius of 50cm) and against a solid wall
  • mapping should be done room by room. Do not waste time mapping rooms in which you will never use Keecker
  • some materials / elements can disrupt mapping: stainless steel, reflective materials, mirror, too high steps...
  • avoid people walking around in the rooms at the same time you are mapping
  • if you make big changes in your interior (furniture arrangement ...), do not hesitate to redo a map.

In the Keecker application, you can save several different maps (storeys of your house, different houses...). You can switch from one to the other in 1 click.

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