How to map my house?

To take full advantage of Keecker, we recommend mapping your home.

To start mapping, in the application, just go to Move > Map and click on the 3 buttons on the right "Create Map". 

Then, when mapping, you just point the robot with the application cursor and make it move, make it go around the rooms, move it as much as possible in all the rooms of your house one after the other and once you have covered all the rooms, you will be able to save the map. It records as you go along and displays its map on your smartphone screen as it builds it. 

Then, bring it back in front of its charging base and save the base location. 

Once the map is finished, you can record "spots" i. e. precise places, with associated settings: if you like to watch television, position it anywhere in the living room for example, with the projector in the right place and click on "Create a spot". Simply send it to this spot later and it will go to exactly the same spot and put the projector back in the same position. Also for listening to music in the kitchen, for example. 

Some tips for accurate mapping:

  • check that the sensors are clean
  • the floor must be clear (no cables, clothes, papers ...) and the doors opened
  • the light must be sufficient but not dazzling for the Keecker sensors
  • the charging station must be located in a flat, open area (radius of 50cm) and against a solid wall
  • mapping should be done room by room. Do not waste time mapping rooms in which you will never use Keecker
  • some materials / elements can disrupt mapping: stainless steel, reflective materials, mirror, too high steps...
  • avoid people walking around in the rooms at the same time you are mapping
  • if you make big changes in your interior (furniture arrangement ...), do not hesitate to redo a map.

In the Keecker application, you can save several different maps (storeys of your house, different houses...). You can switch from one to the other in 1 click.

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