How to send content or files to my Keecker?


With Keecker, you can enjoy your content wherever you want.
Different sources can be transferred to Keecker in several ways:

  • Chromecast:
    With built-in Chromecast, you can stream your smartphone or your computer to Keecker
  • File transfer feature:
    You can send any file format to the Keecker hard disk (pdf, powerpoint, video, image, mp3, mp4 etc). We have an integrated application to Keecker and the mobile and web application that allows you to do it very simply. To do this, log on to "My Keecker" section with your Keecker account. You must use the same Wifi as your Keecker.
  • Other:
    We are currently working on the integration of other protocols that will enhance image transfer capabilities such as Miracast. These will provide the opportunity to update our software. Wireless HDMI feature will not be available on Keecker. However, Keecker is Chromecast compatible.



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