What does the March 2018 software update contain?

Optimizing your customer experience and improving our product is at the heart of our concerns. That's why an update is available now. This update will include the following optimizations : 

  • The launch of new vocal commands => you can discover them by clicking here
  • The possibility to disable vocal commands => to disable vocal commands, go to Settings > Enable/disable vocal commands on your smartphone application.
  • The optimization of the return to the charging station => from now on, if Keecker has less than 5% battery, he automatically returns to his charging station.
  • A more precise geolocation of your Keecker in his map
  • The ability to save more settings for your favorite spots => Beyond the position, Keecker now saves projector inclination, focus, screen keystones, screen rotation, zoom level and brightness. You can only see this change if you delete the old spots and save them again.
  • The optimization of your Keecker's battery standby time
  • Finally, a first Beta version of the "home analytics" functionality
To install the update:
  1. Switch your Keecker off and on again, the update will be automatically proposed to you after downloading (a message will confirm the update) OR if you don't turn off your Keecker, in the projected menu, go to Settings>About>System update
  2. Make sure you have the latest version of the application on your smartphone (on the Play Store or App Store).
Downloading the update can take about 15 minutes. Keecker must have a minimum of 25% battery to download the update. We recommend that you download the update when your Keecker is on his charging station. The Keecker should not be turned off while he is being updated.
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