How to connect Amazon Echo with Keecker?

You can connect Amazon Echo with Keecker. This will allow you to order Keecker directly from your assistant. 

How to connect Amazon Alexa and Keecker?

  • Launch the Amazon Alexa application on your smartphone.
  • Go to the "Skills" section of the menu and type "Keecker" into the search engine.
  • Click on "Enable" once you have selected Keecker (see picture below).
  • In the window that opens, you are asked for a login and a password. You must enter the username and password you used on the Keecker application (see photo below).
  • Once filled in, a confirmation page opens (see photo below).
  • When you return to the Skills level, you can see that the connection has been made.
  • You can then contact Alexa with a command like "Alexa, ask Keecker to show off".


What voice commands are available with Amazon Alexa?
Each order must be preceded by "Alexa, ask Keecker to...".
Here are the available commands: 
Charging station:
  • back to base
  • get to charge
  • go charge
  • go to charging station
  • come to the <room>
  • come to <room>
  • go to <room>
  • go to <spot> in <room>
  • what are the spots / list the spots
  • what are the rooms / list the rooms
  • what are the spots in the <room> / list the spots in the <room>
  • list rooms
  • list spots in <room>
  • launch <application>
  • list the applications / what applications are available
  • turn the projector on/off
  • project on the wall/roof/ceiling
  • mute the sound / mute / set volume to zero
  • turn the sound off/on
  • turn the volume up/down
  • sound off/on
  • set sound off/on
  • align to (the) wall
  • show off
  • stop moving / stop
  • take a picture / take a photo
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