Who’s behind Keecker?

Keecker's DNA

We wanted to find a simpler solution to satisfy our technological needs at home. This is why we have developed a device that knows the house, moves autonomously from room to room, and brings all the technology we love with it.


“I had this click that would change my life. A bit like a thunderbolt, you believe in it, but you never think it could happen to you. But in fact, it does happen and it happened to me: I imagined the object that would solve all the technological problems that I had collected for several years on a secret list. From that moment on, I had the whole product in my head, as if a puzzle was forming in front of me, in a few seconds everything was established.

A few months later, I left Google and Keecker was born on October 18, 2012”

Pierre Lebeau, Founder & CEO

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